How You Can Improve Your Child’s Appetite

“I don’t want to eat!” This is probably one of the most common sentences you hear in a household with children. Kids are very physically active and they use up most of the nutrients and other essential substances in the body even before their next meal. However, because of many reasons like loss of interest in the food, distraction from games or other kids, and even some types of illnesses, kids would refuse to eat even if they are hungry. This poor appetite leads to hundreds, if not thousands, of child hospitalizations each day because of malnutrition and other diseases they become very prone to. In case you are one of those parents who hear that sentence very often, you might try one or all of the following tips to help boost your child’s appetite.



  1. Talk To Your Kid


Before you do anything else, you should know the reason behind your child’s poor appetite first in order for you to address the problem appropriately. Maybe it could be because the meals you prepare are not that appetizing, then you can make some changes in your menu. It could also be because of a stomach ache or other diseases that could be causing him or her lose the desire to eat, then you can take your kid to the doctor to eliminate those causes.


  1. Modify Your Dishes


A lot of kids are picky eaters. They have specific taste buds that only crave for certain types of flavor. Know what kinds of foods your child would usually eat and try to incorporate the same taste into your dishes. Find different kinds of recipes and experiment on new ones to give you more choices or variety.


  1. Add a Treat or Reward


This trick works at times, but not all the time. Giving a reward to younger children after each meal would motivate them to finish what is on their plate. You can try this a few times a week and give a different and interesting reward each time. Make some dessert that your child loves, allow him or her to play his favorite game for an extended time, or even give some treat that you do not usually allow him to eat.


  1. Indulge Your Child to Physical Activities


Sports, outdoor games and other physical activities would help in stimulating appetite not only for children but also for adults. These days, however, children do not do as much physical activities as before because of the different gadgets that they are so obsessed in. Introduce fun activities to your child and his or her friends. You can also invest on a bike or a skateboard, or enroll your child to a sports class. It would be beneficial for them to have some exercise at least one hour a day.


  1. Give Some Supplements


Supplements would not only give your child the nutrients he or she fails to get from the food, they would also help your child increase appetite. Talk to your child’s doctor on what supplement would be best for the age he or she is in. You can also check Hunger-UpTMStimulantMagnesium since¬†this is definitely the best appetite stimulant¬†also for adults who need to gain weight.

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